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Goddesses Are Ageless
The Girlfriends' Guide to Health, Happiness, and Vitality at Any Age 

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Want to live forever? Or how about just putting more life in your life, more healthspan in your lifespan?

Scientific breakthroughs from NASA, WHO, and longevity researchers proves that aging is 99% lifestyle, 1% genetics--and even the genetics can be changed. Yes!

Author Yvonne Aileen, age 61 in 2022

Although you can't change our genes, you can change the expression of your genes through healthy lifestyle choices. It matters what you eat and whether you smoke and whether you exercise, of course. But mindset and connections are even more important. And as author Yvonne Aileen demonstrates throughout Goddesses Are Ageless, biological age trumps chronological age every day of the week.  


Click book above to order through Amazon (paperback, ebook); click below to order through other ebook retailers. Also available as an audiobook through Audible.

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